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Summer training program??of Wuhan Hopu???enterprise group?in 2016???

Release Time:2016-06-29 Origin:http://www.celine99.com

Summer training program  of Wuhan Hopu   enterprise group in 2016          

                                                   Responsible unit: The technology center

In order to strengthen the education for cultivating professional talents, and help teachers to be familiar with Hopu products so as to better promote the teaching quality, thus, the technology center of Hopu enterprise group organization sets up summer teacher-training class in 2016.

Wuhan Hopu enterprise group makes full use of their own experience on the management of IT products and the advantages of talent training, builds the knowledge sharing platform between universities and enterprises; Pass a steady stream of software engineering idea, ITpersonnel training mode, ability structure and its latest development in IT enterprise human resources demand to our cooperatives academies and enterprises, and make our partners grow up together with Hopu.

The summer training time begins on July 1 and ends on July 15.The whole training time is divided into three phases (teachers can sign up according to their own needs, and each stage time doesn't repeat), provides teachers with six professional training courses:

The first stage: freshman’s technology and teaching training (SQL + c # + WINFORM);

Part A of the second phase: the application technology of the Internet of things (Part of 

the national contest technology requirements of WINFORM + RFID + Android); 

Part B of the second stage: mobile Internet development technology (Android application technology + an SSH2)

Part A of the third stage: .NET application technology (ASP.NET + MVC);

Part B of the third stage: network marketing technology (PHP + CMS);

Part C of the third stage: enterprise information management technology;

一、Detailed training plan

Ø 1、Standardization method

Ø 2、Project-driven teaching method

Ø 3、SQL database technology

Ø 4、 C# and WINFORM technology

Part A of the second phase

Training directionthe application technology of the Internet of things (Part of the national contest technology requirements of WINFORM + RFID + Android); 

Training siteThe international software institute of Huanggang vocational and technical college

Principal: Bibo Qiu 

Training date: 7.6~7.94 days in total

Training contentPart of the national contest technology requirements of WINFORM + RFID + Android

You can learn the following contents:

Ø 1、Project-driven teaching method

Ø 2、RFID IoT recognition technology

Ø 3、WINFORM and RFID application technology

Ø 4、The application of  Android  technology in the national contests

Part B of the second stage

Training directionmobile Internet development technology (Android application technology + an SSH2)

Training siteThe international institute of information technology of Jingzhou vocational and technical college

Principal: Liyun

Training date: 7.6~7.94 days in total

Training contentAndroid basis +Senior Android +Struts2+Spring+ the content of Hibernate according to the provincial commercial training standards to complete the project

   You can learn the following contents:

Ø 1、Project-driven teaching method

Ø 2、Android basis and  Android application technology

Ø 3、Struts2+Spring+Hibernate technology

Ø 4、The enterprise development process and project management

Part A of the third stage

Training direction.NET application technology (ASP.NET + MVC)

Training siteHubei science and technology college 

Principal: Xianxiong Cheng 

Training date: 7.11~7.144 days in total

Training contentPrimary ASP.NET +Senior ASP.NET +ASP.NET-MVC Technology

You can learn the following contents:

Ø 1、Project-driven teaching method

Ø 2、ASP.NET related technology

Ø 3、ASP.NET senior technology

Ø 4、The enterprise development process and project management

Part B of the third stage

Training direction network marketing technology (PHP + CMS)

Training siteHopu software college of  Hubei three gorges polytechnic

Principal: Qiuju Luo 

Training date: 7.11~7.133 days in total

Training contentPHP+MYSQL+CMS


You can learn the following contents:

Ø 1、Project-driven teaching method

Ø 2、PHP+MYSQL website construction technology

Ø 3、CMS application technology

Ø 4、The enterprise development process and project management

Part C of the third stage

Training direction enterprise information management technology

Training site:  D8 of Guanggu software park

Principal: Yulong Cai 

Training date: 7.11~7.133 days in total

Training contentKingdee financial management and accounting principle + Kingdee supply chain management

      You can learn the following contents:

Ø 1、Project-driven teaching method


Ø 2、Kingdee financial management and accounting principle

Ø 3、Kingdee supply chain management

Ø 4、Business practical enterprise information management

二、Course Features

Ø Use Projective case to teach with the examples of real projects, and improve the teacher's ability to use the project.

Ø With perfoliate explanation, help the teacher to be familiar with the product and understand the teaching methods.

Ø Introduce all our academic support to colleges and universities, enrich the teacher's teaching material, and put forward solutions to professional solutions and experiment aspects of lesson plans.

Ø In the whole process training, both training lecturer’s teaching and the whole accompany of the project assistant help you to solve the difficult problems in the training process.

Ø Experience the teaching, and taste different teaching method and style by trial lecture to perfect the product course.

三、Specific arrangements

1、The training is organized by technology center to make the overall plan, each head of the training principals on different campuses arranges detailed training plans and programs.

2、Detail training scheme needs to arrange the specific training content by session. The courseware in training use and related teaching materials should be ready.

3、The whole training needs to be divided into four steps: lectures, exercises, defense, and evaluation and communication.

4、Daily timetable: 8:30-12:00am, 14:00-17:30pm

5、The participated teachers should bring notebook computer.

四、The application deadline: June 28, 2016, it shall be prevailed according to the college or campus receipt.

五、Training fee: each class prices 3800 yuan/person, and it is free for strategic partners and internal employees, who only need to undertake the lodging and meals.

六、Class principle: the registration number must be at least eight people in principle.

七、Training discipline:

Ø Each participation unit must assign a training header and make a note in the return receipt, in order to make the training communication and coordination convenient.

Ø The participating trainees should obey the training schedule to attend the lecture, and not be late or leave in advance;

Ø The participating trainees should sit at the specified seat (The signboard helps assign the seat), without permission, the seat shall not be adjusted on its own.

Ø The participating trainees should make their mobile phones shutdown or stay in vibration condition, with no phone ringing or answering the phone.

Ø The participating trainees should not leave the seat or midstream in and out of the classroom at ease.

Ø The participating trainees should concentrate on listening to the lectures, answer questions actively, with no chat or doze.

Registration consult: Cai Yulong 13476067347

Registration email acknowledgement: 7960027@qq.com Please prompt reply on time

Receipt list (If the space is not enough, please increase by yourself, once the registration, please be sure to participate in training)

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